What Do TCU Football Coach Gary Patterson and Ass-Less Chaps Have in Common?

TCU kicks off its 2010 season September 4 against Oregon State in Cowboys Stadium. To promote the game head coaches Gary Patterson and Mike Riley held themselves a little conference call Tuesday.

Sounds innocent enough.

Until, that is, "Amy Cummings" from "Rawhide Nation Sports Blog" joined the discussion. When it comes to interviews most of the time I'm more serious journalistic integrity guy than I am goof-off guy, but I gotta admit that her intrusion made me giggle.

And when you start off asking a coach about his team's arrests and then ass-less chaps, how in the world are you allowed a follow-up?

Jump for the full, funny transcript ...

Cummings: "Hey, coaches. Uhh, coach Riley, whose team has the most arrests, you guys or the Oregon Ducks?"

Riley: "Has the most what?"

Cummings: "Arrests."

Riley: (Chuckles) "I don't know. I don't keep a tally of that."

Cummings: "All right. coach Patterson, will any of your players or cheerleaders be wearing ass-less chaps for the Cowboy Classic?"

Patterson: "I don't know that answer, either. I have a hard time just keeping track of my 105."

Cummings: "Coach Riley ... Pete Rose, in or out of the Hall of Fame?"

Riley: "You're asking me something I don't know anything about. I don't know what all goes into that or what's taken place."

Cummings: "All right. Coach Patterson, what are your thoughts on Lindsay Lohan getting out of jail early and entering a rehab clinic?"

Patterson: "Uhm ... still no answer."

Moderator: "Guess you're busy getting ready for football season, right coach?"

Patterson: "That's just it."

Moderator: "OK, do we have any other questions for any other callers?"

Operator: "We'll go next to John Warren with 1240 Joe Radio."

Warren: "Yeah, that's kind of interesting to follow up with ..."

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