Sports Are So Political

What's In My Closet? Presidential Edition

I admit, I'm jaded. Cynical, more often than not. Some refer to it as grumpy.

Been to my share of Super Bowls and Olympics and U.S. Opens and it takes something pret-ty special to get me authentically lathered up.

But while watching yesterday's Presidental Inauguration, I got a chill down my spine and a tear in my eye.

As President Barack Obama confidently strode down Pennsylvania Avenue, I watched the people lining the streets and craning their necks for a glimpse of history. They were packed. They were enthusiastic. They were young.

They were saturated with hope; hope that somehow it's going to get better from here on out.

In 2009 I've already cleaned out my colon and my closet. How 'bout some political treasures?

From the latter, of course.

Per standard contest rules, the most clever/correct stab at identifying the pics in detail wins two weeks' free subscription to the Dallas Observer and this here Sportatorium:









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Richie Whitt
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