Whitt's End

*I seem to be fresh out of cash, but I'll betcha some leftover Christmas fruitcake that the Cowboys don't win in Philly Sunday. A team that leads the league in penalties, can't get in sync on something as simple as the center-quarterback snap, and allows the longest back-to-back running plays in NFL history with Texas Stadium's legacy on the line, just doesn't seem poised to flip a switch and play a disciplined, dominant game when it counts. Does it?

*Considering our Super Bowl expectations, if and when the Cowboys lose it'll be the most disappointing season in franchise history. And when we stamp Wade Phillips' era a failure, I'll be saying "Toldja." Some of us wanted Bill Cowher in the first place.

*Swear this is a true story. As I'm taking the Texas Stadium elevator down from the press box for the final time a very innebriated man carrying an ice chest hops on at the suite level and says, "Man, I stay fucked up too much. I stay fucked up like alllll the time. I can't even remember, man, is Tom Landry dead?" I hate him for making that my last Texas Stadium memory.

*Two thumbs up for Benjamin Button. Think Forrest Gump meets Titanic.

*Two more thumbs up for North Park Centre's train exhibit. Very cool.

*I'll tell you what's more screwed up than the BCS, and that's college football's awards. Sam Bradford wins the Heisman, but somehow Tim Tebow wins the Maxwell Award and Colt McCoy the Walter Camp Award. If you're picking your award winner just to be different, then to me you can kiss your credibility adios.



*The three seminal moments of your life: 1. Birth; 2. Realizing your purpose for living; 3. Finding peace with your mortality.

*I love me some Christmas music, but two songs I really don't get: Roy Orbison's "Pretty Paper" and Faith Hill's "A Baby Changes Everything."

*Dirk Nowitzki's as good as ever, but in the first NBA All-Star voting results he's only fourth-best among Western Conference forwards behind Tim Duncan, Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. Anyone that's ever watched a Spurs' game knows it's ridiculous that Duncan is listed as a forward.

*In what I guess is his perverted going-away present to those of us who seriously doubted the motivation for invading Iraq in the first place, President Bush last week finally admitted that, no, in fact, Al-Queda didn't have a prescence in Iraq before the U.S.' invasion.

*Not sure exactly when it was closed, but it feels like 75's southbound HOV lane at Bethany in Allen has been shut down for two months. In the lane are shards of debris, discarded trash and old hubcaps, the remnants of a lane ignored since about Halloween. So I ask you yet again, WTF?!

*So the government gives auto makers a kabillion-dollar bailout and what does the CEO of Chrysler do? He takes out a $100,000 full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal. I'm thinking that money might have been better served saving a couple of jobs, no? 

*My stocking was flimsy Christmas morning. Probably would've been stuffed had I not, um, been a little too busy to bend Santa's ear when I had the chance. For the record, I am on the right. And I am a dork. - Richie Whitt


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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.