With Residential and Retail, Gold Metal Recyclers Promises to One Day Recycle Seven Blocks of South Lamar Street (With Video!)

Previously scheduled plans precluded our attending Neil and Kenny Goldberg's late-called all-star wingding Sunday afternoon, during the so-called "Lamar-B-Q" held in front of the Goldbergs' Gold Metal Recyclers. Nevertheless, we did receive the details, including the 3-D drive-n-fly-through animated tour -- combining my two of my favorite things, film-making and conceptual renderings -- that follows. Also, these photos. And, these remarks: "We want to work together with our neighbors and the city to create a pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use neighborhood with amenities for everyone to enjoy," says Kenny. But, come to think of it, details ain't exactly detailed -- no time line's proffered, and no specific dollar figure's promised.

Nevertheless, council members are real excited about the promise of the debut of "conceptual plans ... to renovate a seven-block area along South Lamar Street" between Pine and Hatcher Streets, involving Gold Metal's extreme "park-like" makeover and an accompanying "organic, mixed-use, walkable development along South Lamar, complete with street amenities such as park benches, pedestrian lighting, generous sidewalks, bike racks and bus stops, along with street-level shops, art galleries and restaurants." And: "New residential concepts while maintaining the integrity of a single-family neighborhood." And, natch, the South Lamar Diner.

The council -- which is to say Mayor Tom, Dwaine Caraway, Carolyn Davis, Tennell Atkins and Ron Natinsky -- is happy; their comments follow. A highlight from Davis: "As we move toward a green economy, Gold Metal plays a critical role in the recycling efforts in the Dallas Metroplex." Neil and Kenny, recall, were the Goldbergs Who Saved July 4July5. Hop to.


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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.