'Tis the Season

Wowboys 24, 'Fraiders 7: My Top 10 Observations

10. A win? Meh. Stats schmatts. Turkey? Whatever. Not to name drop or pound my chest or launch a pre-emptive-strike excuse for whatever distracted drivel may follow, but the highlight of a certain dorky sportswriter/radio host's Thanksgiving occured when an immaculate blonde went out of her way to meet him and even admit to being a fan. In a word ... gulp. No Candice Crawford, the pleasure was all mine.

9. Sure enough, Tony Romo and Jason Witten were playing possum. While Romo added to his David Blaine resume with a couple of implausible escapes and two touchdown passes, Witten and his supposedly sprained foot caught passes for 37 and 44 yards, his two longest of the season.

8. Good to see owner Jerry Jones do the right thing, listen to his customers and hang a couple American flags in the rafters at Cowboys Stadium. Now, about those Super Bowl banners ...

7. Felix Jones lost his brace ... and found his burst.

6. Today's anatomy lesson: Ankle + Calf = Knee. Right Miles Austin?

5. Hey Roy Williams, that's more like it. His 9-yard catch in the second quarter - he actually attacked the ball at its apex - might have been his best as a Cowboy. And he plucked a 6-yard touchdown on a slant to put the game away early in the fourth quarter. Still ain't perfect, but it's progress.

4. The deafening silence you hear is from Emmitt Smith, whose pre-season prediction of 7-9 is now officially - the Cowboys are 8-3 - as ridiculous as we all most of us thought at the time.

3. It's not just that Austin's speed and run-after-catch playmaking were a 7-catch, 145-yard, 1-touchdown breath of fresh air to what had been a stale, stagnant offense. It's also his personality. While some players are focused "in the zone" oblivious, Austin endears himself to the crowd by always waving and smiling when his A-Rod-ish mug appears on the JumboJerry. Good for him.

2. Don't look now, but Anthony Spencer > Greg Ellis? After getting better and better and closer and closer each week, Spencer recorded his first two sacks.

1. Good Gobblers: In Tony Romo's four seasons the Cowboys are 4-0 on Thanksgiving, winning by a wowsy combined 130-29. (38-10 over the Bucs, 34-3 over the Jets, 34-9 over the Seahawks and 24-7 over the Raiders.) Romo, for what it's worth, is 15-2 as a starter in November. The Cowboys next game, of course, comes in the month of ... December. duhn Duhn DUHN!

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Richie Whitt
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