Yeah, About That "Tiger" Sighting in Downtown Dallas? DPD Says: "Bobcats." More Than Likely.

Perhaps you've heard: WFAA-Channel 8 and KRLD-AM reported this morning that a few folks spotted tigers in downtown Dallas last night -- two, specifically, near Union Station. Which prompted Dallas police spokesman Senior Corporal Kevin Janse to send the following missive moments ago, accompanied by the subject heading "Bobcat sightings."

Last night at 10:45 pm, Dallas Police, along with Animal Control Officers, responded to a call for service regarding several people seeing what they described as possible tigers loose around the Dart Train line and Union Station. The citizens went into Union Station and alerted security who called 9-1-1. Officers searched the area for several hours as well as utilized the police helicopter. No large cats were found. The circus, that will be in town soon, does not have any animals here yet and the Dallas Zoo did not have any animals get out. It appears that they may have been two wild bobcats. They were described as being knee high and weighing about 50 pounds. Officers made several homeless people in the area aware of what was seen for their safety. The case was closed at 12:25 am with no sighting.

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