You Had Them, Gary Griffith, Then You Lost Them

My speech a couple days ago at the Lakewood branch of the Dallas Public Library was a huge success. Fans camped out all night so they could be sure of getting in. There were the typical tailgate parties and lewd shenanigans in the parking lot, and then they embarrassed the heck out of me with that whole palm leaves and hosannas routine. Well, I might be exaggerating a smidge. But I do love East Dallas. It’s what all of Dallas could be if the rest of Dallas were as smart as East Dallas. So forget about it.

As usual I heard the most interesting stuff after my speech was over and we were done with the questions and answers and people woke up. Old friends, a longtime White Rock Lake couple (very smart) approached me to talk about the Gary Griffith-Rudy Giuliani gee-I-wanna-be-ya ad.

These people were solid pro-Griffith because of his role in cleaning up the lake. But as soon as they saw that ad, in which Griffith endorses Giuliani for president, they say they called Griffith headquarters and “told ‘em to come get the signs out of our yard."

They said: "If he’s gonna do that whole Republican thing, the hell with him.”

So which is the bigger constituency, Republicans or White Rockers? Somebody musta told Griffith to bet on Big Red. Me, I might have stuck with Big Brown. --Jim Schutze

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