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Budget Bites: Take the Poke to Tacos at Malibu in Oak Lawn

Poke tacos
Poke tacos Malibu Poke
Poke is (still) all the rage right now, and tacos never go out of style.

Luckily, one restaurant in Dallas has managed to bring those two elements together. At Malibu Poke, guests can enjoy a variety of poke dishes, including poke bowls, salads and, now, tacos.

Malibu Poke is the brainchild of Jon Alexis, with a menu by Matt McAllister. It offers guests a newer take on traditional poke dishes.

Malibu Poke serves the highest-quality sashimi-grade fish, all freshly cut. They support sustainable fishing practices and responsible aquafarming. Additionally, Malibu’s fruits, vegetables and herbs are mostly sourced from local farms.

Now to our main point today: Guests can enjoy three poke tacos for the low price of $9.50. Choose from ahi tuna poke, spicy shrimp poke and chicken poke. The tuna taco comes with edamame, marinated cucumber, crispy shallot, Malibu Poke’s signature Malibu sauce and a wasabi drizzle. The shrimp taco also comes with spicy aioli, crispy garlic, radish and micro cilantro. The chicken taco comes with garlic chili, jicama, carrot, green onion and sesame seed topped with a teriyaki drizzle.

The poke tacos taste great with a side of the avocado and chips ($6). Guests can also enjoy a curated selection of wine and craft beer on tap, as well as kombucha, Topo Chico, specialty teas, and desserts from local bakers and confectioners.

For those with food allergies, sensitivities and dietary restrictions, order from the selection of vegan entrees, as well as the 100% gluten-free entrees. You can even order from kiosks with facial recognition technology, which allows Malibu Poke to remember each customer’s order history.

Malibu Poke, 2355 Olive St., Suite 145 (Oak Lawn). Open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.
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