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Dallas' Five Best Thai Restaurants

It's kind of gross outside lately. Perhaps we're about to pay for what was a relatively mild summer with a long and brutal winter. At least we don't have the Super Bowl to worry about this go around. Instead we can focus our attention on remedies that warm us from the inside out. The curries, stir-fries and other dishes of Thai cuisine hit with a heavy dose of chili that can make our skin pink and our noses runny -- just like a long walk through the snow.

Eat up. The green shoots and flower buds of March are far, far away.

Pakpao Thai Food (pictured above) If heat is your thing, Pakpao is a good place to be. Curries here are inherently spicy, not because you've ordered one through five stars but because heat is inherent in many of chef Eddy Thretipthuangsin's recipes. If you don't want hot, ask a waitress and you'll be happily pointed towards dishes that are more mild. If you want hotter, go with the green or massaman curries. If you want hotter still, Thretipthuangsin has a condiment or two made especially for you.

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