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Dallas' Six Best Bars for Watching the World Cup

The World Cup commences this week, and for the next 30 or so days, the entire planet is going to spin a little slower. Every quesadilla you order will take a little longer to arrive because the cooks in the kitchen will be glued to a tiny TV. Every drink you request will be poured a little more carelessly because your bartender is distracted. If you have coworkers that are from anywhere other then America in your office, they will miss or reschedule meetings. The world will revolve, rightfully, around soccer.

Why fight it? The World Cup is one of the most exciting sporting events to occur every four years, and unlike the last tournament, which required American fans to watch at odd hours, this year's tournament is in Brazil. That means watching soccer will only interfere with your office life, not with your sleep, which means we're all probably going to drink a little more this go around. Here are six great places to do it.

Londoner (multiple locations, pictured above) The Londoner's Addison location is without a doubt the most popular location for watching Premiership soccer throughout the year, but for World Cup games, every location sees some fans. "We were packed for every single game four years ago," says Charlotte Tate, whose family owns the group of English pubs. Tate says they'll be showing every game at every Londoner location from the first kickoff until a champion is declared.

Bud Light and Carlsberg drafts will be available for $3.50 and $4, respectively, throughout the tournament, and shots of Milagro tequila and Tullamore Dew whiskey will be offered for $4 every time there's a goal, so ambitious drunks should plan to visit when Argentina is playing.

Trinity Hall If you're near the Angelika and need your fix, Trinity Hall will show each and every game, too. A manager said the bar was mobbed last year, and he expects demand to be even higher this year. "We'll be sending our overflow over to Twin Peaks," he said.

Bonus: they'll also be featuring Thrilla from Brazilla, a limited production American IPA from Peticolas Brewing.

Humperdinks You won't find any food or drink specials especially for the games, but much of the soccer conveniently occur during happy hour. Come to Humperdinks for the TVs - up to 45 of them depending on which location you choose, and up to 120 inches big. Expect the biggest crowds at the Northwest Highway location.

British Beverage Co If there is any doubt that Uptown's newest British pub will be devoted to this year's World Cup events, just look to the national flags hanging out front. The bar is teaming up with FC Dallas, which means FC Dallas players, FC Dallas girls and a whole lot more at their World Cup kick off party on Friday.

The Dubliner The Dubliner is committed to showing every game for the duration of the World Cup, and they're placing extra TVs out on the patio so you'll have plenty of seats. Pull your two-wheeled-ride into the lot that's always crowded with Vespas and motorcycles and order yourself a pint. You've never been so Euro.

Alamo Cinema Drafthouse Check out the Drafthouse for the big screen bonus. Currently they've only scheduled one game (USA vs. Ghana, 4:00 p.m., Monday, June 16) but something tells me if it goes well, they'll offer up more of the games. This event is free, but you should purchase a $5 food and beverage voucher online to reserve your seat ahead of time.

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