First Look

Dix Coney Island Brings a 24-Hour Diner to Downtown Denton

Downtown Denton is now home to a 24-hour diner. Detroit based Dix Coney Island moved into the Scripture building and offers a variety of traditional American diner foods. Want chili-cheese fries at 4 a.m.? No problem. (Well, maybe a problem when you wake up.) Blueberry pancakes at midnight? They’ve got you. Pastrami cheeseburger at 8 a.m.? Coming right up! 

My friend and her 6-year-old daughter recently accompanied me to the newest downtown dinner spot. Seating and service was fast and friendly. My friend’s daughter was fairly excited when the owner came up to talk to us, and the way the lady interacted with my friend's daughter made me know I would come back.

The dining room holds nine bar stools and seven booths that sit four each. You might have a difficult time seating your party of 12, but when we came in, three booths were free. For a Monday night, the whole swing of things seemed pretty seamless. This did not seem to be the case when I tried to join two friends for brunch on a recent Saturday. No seats were free — perhaps because they opened right before Denton’s Day of the Dead festival, when downtown was jammed.

If you are balling on a budget like me, this place is a must. They serve breakfast all day in addition to burgers, coneys, sandwiches and salads. You can get a full-stack for a whopping $3.50 or a cheeseburger for 50 cents more. 

This is in every sense of the word a diner. There are no bells and whistles, just good, solid food to nourish Denton's poor and hungry college students. Please and thank you.

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