Enchanted Rock: Not Just a State Park Near Fredericksburg Anymore

Another Texas vodka has reached the Dallas market, although an owner of Rebecca Creek Distillery says his spirits company won't confine itself to vodka for long.

"These are the first two products," Brian Lowrance says of Enchanted Rock vodka and a single malt barley whiskey set for release next year. "Next we'll be looking at adding gin or rum."

The San Antonio distillery -- the only spirits distillery in Texas open for public tours - simultaneously promotes itself as a homegrown craft operation and a savvy corporation gearing up for massive growth. Lowrance boasts the distillery, which opened this year, is home to the biggest copper pot still ever built by the 141-year old CARL Distilleries. With a 750 gallon capacity, the still is capable of churning out 250,000 cases of spirits a year.

While the Texas vodka field is becoming increasingly crowded, Lowrance is confident his corn-based product will find a thirsty audience.

"Vodka's the number one category in Texas," Lowrance says.

And Rebecca Creek's looking beyond Texas: According to a press release, a national roll-out is planned for "the near future."

"We were brainstorming about ideas and decided there was a significant growth opportunity for Texas spirits," the release quotes Steve Ison, distillery co-founder, as saying.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.