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First Look

Curry Pizza House in Frisco Brings Curry to the Pizza World

The inside of the new pizza joint reads Fresh and Spicy in bold letters. They're not wrong.
The inside of the new pizza joint reads Fresh and Spicy in bold letters. They're not wrong. Anisha Holla
There are no tricks or games involved in this restaurant’s name: Curry Pizza House serves exactly what it says. With origins in the Bay area, the pizza chain is one of many blending traditional Indian flavors in the world of pizza. But curry-topped pizzas are just the beginning of the creativity here. A sign that reads “Fresh and Spicy” is painted in bold letters across the back wall of the store. Gratifying whiffs of baking bread mixed with Indian tandoori spices from the kitchen lend ample proof to the “fresh” part. As for the “spicy” part, stop by sometime. You’ll know what they mean.

Start your meal here with a shareable plate for the table. We suggest the baked masala chips ($5.99), a plate of thinly sliced potato wedges marinated in Indian spices. The chips are dusted in ground black pepper, for a spicy kick at the end. A side of dipping ranch adds a uniquely American element to the popular appetizer. Other options include spicy Desi pesto sticks ($9.99), spicy garlic sticks ($9.99) and even curry-flavored wings ($7.99). Save your appetite, though. There’s a lot more to the “Fresh and Spicy” here.
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Desi pesto sticks are topped with cilantro pesto sauce, cheese and a whole lot of spice.
Anisha Holla
Curry Pizza House sells all of your classic pizzas — Hawaiian, meat lovers, veggie — but for a more adventurous visit, we suggest trying out the “crafty curry pizzas.” The chain’s specialty pizzas come in 10-inch ($17.99), 12-inch ($22.99), 14-inch ($27.99) and 18-inch ($37.99) sizes. Try one, two, or all 13. Nobody’s judging.

The customer-favorite butter chicken pizza comes with a base of creamy Shahi sauce made of ground cashews, cashew pieces and yogurt. Topped generously with tomatoes, onions and marinated butter chicken, the best-seller strikes a satisfying balance between a spicy butter chicken topping and a slightly sweet Shahi base.

Another option, the Achari Gobhi, starts with a hand-tossed crust slathered in white garlic sauce. Covered in marinated cauliflower, onion and cilantro, this pizza is almost as good as the first at finding the perfect balance between a palate-cooling base and a spicy topping.
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The Achari Gobhi comes with a shredded cauliflower topping bathed in a spicy curry marinade.
Anisha Holla
If you have the time (and budget) to try a couple more, other specialty pizza options include the aloo chaat, tandoori chicken and curry chicken masala. Pizzas are slightly on the expensive side, but they don’t skimp on toppings or flavor.

Curry Pizza House also offers a create-your-own option if nothing particular on the menu interests you. Load your pizza with green chili, masala paneer, curry chicken or dozens of other toppings.

Curry Pizza House, 5266 Independence Parkway, Frisco. Sunday – Thursday,11 a.m. – 9 p.m.; Friday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
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