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First Look: Dallas Gets a New Local Ice Cream Shop Called Parlor’s Ice Creams

Milk and Cookies (bottom) and Cookies and Cream (top)
Milk and Cookies (bottom) and Cookies and Cream (top) Anisha Holla
Brandon and Kellie Stoll first began selling their ice cream from a small four-wheeled cart, carrying their locally sourced ice cream from city to city.

Three years later, they’re finally here to stay.

Parlor’s Ice Creams opened its doors in April on Mockingbird Lane just west of White Rock Lake, in the Hillside Village Shopping Center, serving nostalgic flavors ranging from milk and cookies to strawberries and cream. They mix, pasteurize and freeze all of their ice creams in-house, a standard few other ice cream shops in Dallas can meet.

Inspiration for this spot came from a lifelong love of ice cream. “Sometimes my mom would take me out to get ice cream for dinner,” Brandon says. In opening a brick-and-mortar location, the couple hopes to provide that same experience to others. “We love seeing happy customers come in and out of the shop,” Kellie says. “Nobody’s ever sad when they have an ice cream in their hand.”
click to enlarge Parlor's is open in the Hillside Village Shopping Center. - ANISHA HOLLA
Parlor's is open in the Hillside Village Shopping Center.
Anisha Holla
Parlor’s raw ingredients are sourced from local Dallas farms and growers, with grass-fed cows providing the milk and cream. Their eggs come from pasture-raised chickens. “We get everything — from our cookie dough to our chocolate — from local shops,” Brandon says. “Even our Oreos are hand-made from scratch in our kitchen.”

Start with a scoop of the milk and cookies, a vanilla-flavored ice cream with fresh baked cookies lodged in the crevices. The base here is more subtle than your typical vanilla, providing a neutral background for the real star of the show, the cookie. It’s like dunking a warm cookie into a cold glass of milk but all the leg work has already been done for you.

Another customer favorite is the cookies and cream, an Oreo-flavored ice cream base studded with house-made Oreo cookies.

“It’s hard to find organic and healthy Oreos anywhere else,” Brandon says. “So we just make them ourselves.” The Stolls have arguably mastered the cookie-to-ice-cream ratio in this flavor, with each lick of ice cream giving way to a soft chocolate biscuit underneath.

Other flavors to try are the Oak Cliff-based Five-mile Chocolate with a cream base with dark chocolate melted in, and the Minty Chocolate, a mint base sprinkled with rich dark chocolate chips.

They're adding more coolers to their space soon, and when those are installed they plan to sell five year-round flavors, with nine other limited-time flavors in rotation.

Parlor's Ice Creams, 6465 E. Mockingbird Lane. Open 12-9 p.m. Monday - Sunday
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