Five Dishes to Avoid on a Date

Dallas' restaurants will buzz with Valentine's diners tonight, but not every dish is built for impressing a date. As a public service, we've compiled a list of some food items to avoid at some of our favorite date spots.

Gloria's (above) makes for an ideal date spot, with its numerous locations scattered throughout the metroplex, upbeat vibe and very potent margaritas. The Salvadorian restaurant offers an expansive menu with plenty of options, but we recommend avoiding the Tostada Dinner if you intend on scoring an end-of-date smoocharoo. This is one of the least flattering meals to order. Ground beef, or chicken, comes scattered atop a fried tortilla that's smeared with beans and topped with lettuce, queso fresco, sour cream and guacamole. The heaping pile is meant to be eaten with the hands, like a mini pizza. The problem is that the tortilla ends up crumbling under the pressure of a bite, causing a topping avalanche that is likely to land in your lap. And with all those toppings in your lap, where will your date sit?


Bellini's, although located in a creepy strip mall, makes for a quaint date spot. The ambience is romantic, and the menu offers everything from eggplant parmesan to hand-tossed pizza. But we recommend that anyone dressed in a color other than black avoid the hearty spaghetti and meatballs, which come swimming in tangy red marinara sauce or meat sauce sprinkled with fresh basil. It's very tasty, but messy. The noodles fling sauce, regardless of whether the pasta is cut, twirled or slurped.


The Porch's menu has something for everybody, from fried green tomatoes and burrata caprese to smoked brisket enchiladas, plus one of the most expansive specialty black boards in town. And the Henderson location makes it an ideal place to kick off a night of barhopping, making it an appropriate Valentine's date spot. The Porch's award-winning Stodg Burger, however, won't help anyone get laid unless their date is into greasy, yolk-covered fingers. The burger comes fully loaded with aged cheddar, Nueske's applewood smoked bacon, and a fried egg, on a glistening foie-buttered bun.


At Sushi Zushi, dim lighting, the persistent thump of dance music, and a extensive menu loaded with sushi options make for an ideal date spot. But while some consider sushi to be an aphrodisiac, the fishy delicacy isn't always sexy -- and that's certainly the case with Sushi Zushi's Crawfish Toreado Roll. The roll comes with Toreado Serrano peppers, kanikama crab, avocado, and is topped with either fried or broiled crawfish and smothered with a spicy mayonnaise sauce. It's delicious, but good luck eating each piece in one bite without getting sauce all over your face.


Forty rotating drafts and 85 bottles of beer, paired with friendly service, a warm environment and delicious share plates, make Meddlesome Moth an ideal date spot. There is, however, one item that we recommend skipping if you're planning on sharing more than just your food with your date: The pita and hummus, while mighty tasty, is a hurricane of garlic.

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