Happy Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day: City of Ate (and Friends) Pick the Best Spots

Ladies and Gentlemen, Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day is upon us. Today is the one day you can indulge without guilt, as it is clearly a national holiday that should be celebrated. Because America.

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Here in town, there's the standard Black Eyed Pea version; Bone Daddy's slutty version; Matt's, which has multiple kinds of CFS with different toppings depending on how fat-venturous you are feeling; and Mecca's is the one everyone tells you to get "next time" when you leave there unimpressed.

All Good Cafe's, Ozona's and "my grandma's" are some of our Facebook fans' favorites. But I thought you might be curious as to where your friends at City of Ate (and some friends of City of Ate) get their CFS on. So here they are, all tenderized, dredged, deep-fried and slathered with gravy for you:

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