Hash Over Special Edition: Avila's is Back and Mattito's is Adding a Third Location

It seems like things are finally looking up for the beloved Maple Avenue restaurant Avila's. After getting off to a rocky start (OK, a very dramatic start) in 2010, the Mexican restaurant is finally reopening today.

The press release we received states "an internal face lift will greet customers when they return to visit us." Makes sense, considering Ricardo Avila pretty much gutted the place back in February. Avila's will also be adding a patio deck later this summer.

Also, this June the restaurant will have a grand opening party to celebrate 25 years of business. The only details we have so far on the event is that 25 percent of proceeds from the party will benefit the Mi Escuelita Preschool program.

In honor opening their doors again today, Avila's will feature appetizer, entrée and beverage specials. Glad to have you and your fiery hot sauce back, Avila's. We know a certain Dude Food who will be happy about this news.

And what about Ricardo Avila? Well, you can find him at his new restaurant Mextopia over on Greenville Avenue. We hear the menus are very similar and Ricardo has yet to obtain his liquor license, but it's in the works.

In other Mexican food news, Mattito's will be adding a third location in the early fall. The Mexican restaurant will be opening up on Forest Lane across from Medical City. It will be similar in décor and menu items to the other two restaurants located in Uptown and Frisco. Jeff Frankel, Mattito's founder, is looking to open up around September 1, which will also celebrate his 30th anniversary of being in the food industry. Frankel says the new Mattito's will be next door to where his very first I Love Yogurt store was 30 years ago. And they say you can't go home again.

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