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Face it--not all your meals this holiday season will be eaten in the cloying company of seldom-seen family and office friends. Often, gladly or grudgingly, you'll be eating on your own. Here are some suggestions for a single, serviceable meal: a gorditas plate at Cenaduria on Greenville--$1.95 for a stuffed tortilla and guacamole; an individual pizza from Amore in Snider Plaza, an eight-inch crust of light bread topped with cheese and tomatoes, for $6.00; chicken souflaki at Vincent's for $4.95; a tamal--without the "e," that's Cuban style--from Macho's for $3.95; a portobella alla griglia from Nicola's if you're malling at the Galleria; a salmon panini from Piccola Cucina if you're at NorthPark; a margarita at Blue Mesa--hang the expense--if you're at Prestonwood, and if you shop at the Crescent, you don't need my advice.

--Mary Brown Malouf

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Mary Brown Malouf

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