Kobayashi Breaks Hot Dog Eating Record. Also, Jesse Hughey Eats 19 Corn Dogs at Brass Knuckle Beatdown

Competing against no one, the great wiener swallower Kobayashi wolfed 69 hot dogs in New York City. It was a world record and personal best for Kobayashi on July Fourth, and he stood proudly to flex his stomach muscles after consuming the massive amount of meat logs.

Meanwhile, in Dallas, City of Ate's own Jesse Hughey battled a steadfast crew at the Libertine for the Third Annual Brass Knuckle Corndog Beatdown.

If you recall, Jesse won the competition in 2009 with 16 corny things, and came in second in 2010 with a whopping 18. Yesterday, with Queen's "We Will Rock You" and other select Rocky-esque tracks behind him, Jesse conquered 19 corn dogs for first place. Second place ate 17 dogs. There were 18 brave souls competing, and at least one drunk dude. One woman definitely vomited. We asked Jesse what the hell he was feeling after eating that much meat in tube form:

How did you feel five minutes and five hours after the contest?

Five minutes after the contest, I sprinted out of the bar, sort of like Dirk Nowitzki sprinting off the court in the closing seconds of the NBA Championship Series' last game after his win. The difference was that I wasn't overcome by emotion, but the desire to vomit. As I cowered behind a dumpster, pale and glistening with oily sweat, shivering and trying with surprisingly little success to make myself retch, all I wanted was for those corn dogs to be out of my body.

Five hours of digestion time after the win, I was a little more contemplative about what the victory meant. It wasn't good. I couldn't help but think of the contrast between the abuse I had put my body through in such a foul, wasteful, gluttonous attempt to win myself a $100 bar tab and my daughter's selfless efforts to help Heifer International provide sustainable food sources to people in developing nations (to which you can donate here). And yet, marbled in with that shame and disgust was just the faintest tinge of pride.

In other dudes eating lots of hot dog news, Joey Chestnut won his mustard belt at the Nathan's Famous hot dog contest. Luckily, there's video of that after the jump.

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