McDonald's Japan Captures Texas on a Bun

The Texas Burger, released last month at McDonald's restaurants across Japan, proved so popular that the fast food chain's already issued a sequel.

Spokeswoman Melissa Daly describes the Texas 2 Burger, available now in Japan, as featuring "flavors of the Lone Star State with spicy chili beans, bacon, fresh onions, cheese and a quarter-pound of beef, all on two layers of buns." Yup, McDonald's put beans in its Texas chili. And, judging from the picture, came up with something like a chili sandwich perched atop a cheeseburger.

The Texas 2 Burger is one of four burgers created for McDonald's Japan's "Big America 2" campaign: The other sandwiches are the Burger Idaho, topped with a circular hash brown patty; the Manhattan Burger, topped with pastrami and sour cream sauce; and the Miami Burger, which makes the Manhattan Burger look downright authentic.

Styled after a taco, the Miami Burger's crowned with tortilla chips and spicy chili sauce. Sounds like the prototype for Texas 3 Burger.

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