Nine of North Texas' Best Stores for Craft Beer

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Breweries, festivals, filling stations: It's a golden, foamy age for craft beer in North Texas, and nothing is shepherding us though it more than the small shops that help cater to the craft beer lover.

These shops have endless lists of local, national and international brews for the connoisseur to explore, all tirelessly catered by extremely knowledgeable staffs. Here are our nine favorites.

Parkit Market 4724 Greenville A Greenville Avenue institution, Parkit Market carries 1,300 kegs for you to take home and tap. It's also is no slouch in the bottled and canned beer arena, and it's the place to grab something special if you're trying to avoid the sea of green beer during the annual St. Patrick's Day parade.

Midway Mart 406 W Hickory St., Denton The busiest, most important store in Denton is the Midway Mart. An endless stream of college students, musicians, college professors, city councilmen, bar owners and long-time residents shuffle in and out of the store, perusing aisles of expertly curated craft beers and wine. Shop proprietor Shaun updates his social media with what's in stock and what's coming in. It's not rare to see bearded guys buying craft beer while frat bros load up on Natty and a group of girls grab wine, lambics, and Four Loko.

S&K Beverages 101 W Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano

Yes, Plano, you have one of the better shops in the metroplex when it comes to craft beer. No, Plano, we don't want to hear you brag about it. Tons of great craft beers in stock, cigars for those of you who still think it's 1996 and all conveniently located just off 75.

Lone Star Beverages 3065 N Josey Ln #62, Carrollton Lone Star Beverages has become known as the go-to place for lovers of all things great. The store gives you the option to build your own six pack, while also having an almost overstocked beer cave for you to explore. The knowledgeable staff rotates weekly top choices, and the store has taken to social media with gusto, as their Facebook page is updated multiple times a week with posts about what's in stock, what's coming in, and what you should be drinking. The store also carries a selection of local kegs (I was at a party recently where a keg of Velvet Hammer was procured from the store; the night ended in dancing) and hosts a Friday afternoon tasting session every week at 5 pm.

Whip In 2240 Morriss Rd, Flower Mound

Flower Mound's Whip In is the North Texas satellite of Austin's legendary Whip In, minus the onsite Indian restaurant and brewery. Though lacking in delicious food, the Flower Mound location does delver in the insane selection of rare craft beers. The staff's knowledge of their products is outstanding, and every Wednesday they get something rare with their usual deliveries.

Choice Beverages 4600 Eldorado Pkwy, McKinney

Another great craft beer spot with a giant list of brews. In-store tastings happen quite frequently, and they always feature rare brews.

Hall's Grocery 4200 Glade Rd, Colleyville

If you're ever stuck in Colleyville and you need a tasty lunch, and want to pick up some fantastic beer stop in to Hall's. A fine selection of brews greets you when you walk in, and it's hard to ignore the wine and food selections that surround you. Hall's Grocery is proof that the mid-cities aren't all that bad.

Kegs & Barrels 1905 W 15th, Plano Yes, Plano, you have two of the best beer stores in the metroplex, no, Plano, we really don't want to hear you brag about it. The highlight is their outstanding "mix & match" section which allows you to build the six pack of your dreams. Many places do it, few come close to the selection K&B offers you.

North Oak Cliff Beer & Wine 1301 W Davis St, Dallas You're on your way to a party in Oak Cliff (my, aren't you hip) and you realize you forgot to stop and grab a six pack before you got to OC, and you're not willing to explore the selections in the local bodegas and grocery stores. Lucky for you you're near the Kessler Theater and across the street the crew at North Oak Cliff Beer & Wine has hand picked a selection of some of the best beers made in the state. So run in, ask for a recommendation, and grab an extra six pack.

Honorable mentions go to all the local grocery stores who make an effort to carry craft beer. Good one on you Sprouts, Central Market, Whole Foods, Market Street, and that one Kroger outside of Denton that inexplicably gets two cases of St. Arnold's Pumpkinator every year. Special shout out to the people who work at that Kroger who give zero fucks when I build my own six pack with nothing but Pumpkinators.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.