Pumpkin Pie Vodka is a Thing Now

A few weeks ago Scott got emotional about all the different flavored vodkas out there and even had some ideas for a few flavors of his own. We convinced him not to quit his day job for a life in Siberia distilling vodka; but, fortunately, there are others out there that continue to push the envelope in vodka flavoring. Some may say they're pushing it right off the edge of a cliff. And, taking it a step further, some are cheering that it goes off that cliff and falls into a giant abyss called "bad trends."

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But until then, Beam Inc., the maker of the Pinnacle brand of vodka, whose flavors include atomic hots, cherry whipped (embarrassed to admit I've had this, but proud to admit I hated it), cucumber watermelon and marshmallow, has developed a limited edition pumpkin pie vodka.

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Now, we're not in a judging place, right? This is a circle of trust, correct? I think some of the suggested recipes actually sound sort of good.

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Spiced pumpkin: 2 parts Pinnacle® Pumpkin Pie Vodka? 1 part Irish Cream? Splash Half & Half? Shake with ice, strain into a cinnamon sugar rimmed martini glass, and garnish with a cherry.

Pumpkin Cider? 2 parts Pinnacle® Pumpkin Pie Vodka? 1 part Apple Cider? Splash of Fresh Lemon Sour? Shake with ice, strain into a caramel swirled martini glass, and garnish with an apple slice.?

Chocolate Pumpkin? 2 parts Pinnacle® Pumpkin Pie Vodka? 1 part Creme de Cacao? 1 part Chocolate Milk? Shake with ice, strain into a crushed graham cracker rimmed martini glass, and top with whipped cream.

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