Quesa-D-Ya's: Hate the Name. Love the Food.

Quesa-D-Ya's. Really, dude. That's what you went with? Guess you assumed that Dallas folk don't know how to spell, let alone pronounce, "quesadilla"? Probably fair. Still feels like you raped the Spanish language, though. Did you also name that damned Mooyah Burger? I hope you did. It'd be much more convenient for me if I could just consolidate my singing telegram "You suck at naming things!" chode-punch deliveries.

Name aside, I finally got hungry enough to follow my nose into D-Ya's (which is painted so bright orange that when you look away and blink, you still see orange). Once inside, I had that Keanu Reeves empty-brain look as I tried to process the menu. The owner of the place asked what I'd like and as soon as, "Never been here—" was out of my mouth, he was right next to me spouting a 60-words-per-minute in-depth explanation of the concept of this place. "Well, see, we make quesadillas but without just sticking to the traditional ingredients everything's fresh made to order and I came up with all the recipes so I hope you like them also how's your day going?" At first I thought, "Wow. Antidepressantsmuch?" But then I realized he's just a friendly dude. I think that realization came at the exact moment he said, "We make quesadillas the size of pizzas. So, our large is the size of a large pizza." Aaaaaand, I'm sold! Big-as-mah-face food? Yes! Spell that shit however you wanna spell it, just make me a face-sized lunch.

I had the lunch special, which is any individual-sized D-Ya plus dipping sauce (jalapeño ranch, avocado cream, Texas BBQ or lime sour cream), chips, salsa and a drink for about nine bucks. Rather than choosing my own ingredients Chipotle-style, I opted for the Hawaiian (which was pulled pork, pineapple, rice, corn salsa, pico de gallo and cheese) plus jalapeño ranch. And it was damned good. That free dipping sauce really put this meal into A-plus territory for me.



Quesa-D-Ya�s 2820 Greenville Ave. 214-823-3927

Times I�ve said the name of this restaurant without experiencing pain: 0 Minutes it took me to devour this lunch: 0.5

Insider tip: Drop off non-perishable food items or children's items when you come in and get up to 8 percent off your meal. Sounds good to me (stray cats and gently used baby diapers are "children's items," right?).

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