Seven of Dallas' Best Taquerias to Help You Celebrate Today's National Taco Day

I wouldn't be the first to note that tacos are somehow disproportionately satisfying for their size and cost. Where else can you by a smile with a free side of hot sauce for just a buck and change? Wash one down with a fizzy Topo Chico and then order another.

It's National Taco Day, and this is the year you celebrate with the enthusiasm the holiday deserves.

La Banqueta (pictured above) While the Bryan Street location remains in limbo, there are there other spots to get your suadero taco fix. Fort Worth and Arlington both have their own locations now, and East Dallas still has the Gaston Avenue taqueria that's tucked inside a gas station and convenience store.

La Banqueta's tacos are simple and honest. The flavor of the meats shine through with little distraction. That is, until you pick up that bottle of salsa and draw an arc of creamy, green heat. Don't visit this one first on your Taco Day taco binge; you may never leave.


La Nueva Fresh and Hot The corn tortillas here are amazing. The light fluffy rounds cradle delicious fillings and the salsas they make on site are good enough to take home. (Containers are in the reach in if you're inclined.) Many of the taco fillings are good here, but the guisado verde is the best. In fact, coupled with those tortillas it was enough for us to award them best taqueria in 2012.


Taqueria Y Carniceria Guanajuato Pull up to this small grocery and carniceria on a weekend morning and the smell of deep-fried swine will set off a sensory overload.This is the flavor of pig celebrated in a luxurious bath of it's own fat. The French have confit, but the Mexicans have carnitas, and when wrapped in a tortilla and garnished with lime, the Mexicans just may pull off the win.


Restaurant Y Taquería Cristina So the tortillas here are a little oily, and barbacoa is heavy too. Somehow, likely through some kitchen voodoo, the tacos achieve an element of brightness that's rare. Please be careful with the salsas. Each is made fresh and they both pack a punch, though one is likely to level you.


Bachman Tacos and Grill The world would be all the better if it were filled with more trompo taco fans. To make a great trompo taco, the vertical spit has to spin, but at many places business isn't steady enough to keep the contraption in motion. Not so at Bachman Tacos and Grill, where tacos are a necessary add on to every tankful of gasoline. The taqueria is nestled inside a Chevron so you can pound a taco before gas up your car -- to get to your next taqueria, of course.


Barbacoa Estilo Hidalgo Take a lamb. Roast it until it's tender enough to shred with a fork and then tuck the meat into a tortillas you made thirty seconds ago. Add some salsa that's been made fresh as well, and then wash it all down with a bowl of consume that's been made from chickpeas and the lamb's dripping juices.

Try not to freak out.


Los Torres Taqueria You may need shades, but it's worth it. The pickled onions at Los Torres' condiment station are the perfect foil for braised goat. It costs a little extra to get the hand-made tortillas but you will do it and be glad that you did. You're at one of Dallas' best taquerias after all. Don't skimp out here.

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