The Five Best Bites of Last Night's Dallas Observer Iron Fork Event

Every year I get to Iron Fork, the Dallas Observer's annual tasting event, as soon as the doors open, I do my best to eat everything available and pick my top bites. I'm always pretty sleepy after the event, but this year's featured more restaurants than any year before it. I realized I was in trouble half way through and did my best to pace, but I was wiped when I got to the end. As you read this I'm probably still in bed, sipping a ripe pu erh and hoping the tea leaves will soothe me.

If you were there, too, and you suffer from a similar lack of restraint, you're probably out of commission alongside me. And if you didn't go, you're probably wondering where all of your officemates are. You also missed out on these good eats:

The Kessler Park Eating House pierogi (pictured above) were one of my favorite bites this year, and last night's Styrofoam plate version was no slouch. I was tempted to sit beside Johnathon Erdeljac's stall and eat till they were gone, but the chef let me know it was time to move on after my second one.


The pastor tacos from El Come Taco made for a cute little plate. If you were there and you liked what you tasted, you've got to go to the restaurant and have them straight from the trompo. Trust me: They get even better, and you might be able to pick up some grasshopper tacos while you're at it.


Scardello makes this list of my favorite bites every year. They always come with a stellar simple cheese plate. If you ever have a party, you should think about inviting them to it. If you're not having a party, you should think about visiting their shop on Oak Lawn Avenue and having a little party there.


If you think you're good at food photography, try and make Indian curry look pretty. Chennai's chili chicken delivered on the heat, but was packed with salty spicy flavors, too. If you haven't been to their new location in Frisco, let this inspire you.


At first I thought the shrimp and grits offered by Sissy's were kind of a cop-out, but then I started shoveling the concoction into my face with the impossibly tiny spoon. The classics are classics for a reason people. This version was a good one.

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