It might be better known for its late-night Asian eats, but this week we are checking out the happy hour menu at downtown's Zenna. 

Zenna: Cheap Sushi Makes Us Happy, but Tapas Prices Don't

Where: Zenna Thai and Japanese Restaurant, 1914 Laws St.
When:  3 p.m-7 p.m. daily
The Scene: Zenna mixes techno with your sushi. The crowd dresses in khakis, skirts, pumps and other things you might expect to see of downtown workers during a happy hour. 
The Deal: $1 sushi, $2-3.50 rolls and discounted hot tapas such as ribs, dumplings, wings and satay, just to name a few. 
The Steals: Sushi. 
The Con: The hot tapas are so meagerly discounted -- some dishes only a few cents less than regular prices -- that it doesn't really make a difference. 
Lushworthy: 50-cent 6-ounce draft Bud Light and Ziegenbock 

The bottom line: Hot tapas prices are disappointing and so many other restaurants are doing the discounted rolls for happy hour. Go for the $1 nigiri, and bring cash for parking

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