Somehow Still Alive

Note to Velvet Revolver: You are not Guns N' Roses. Close, but no banana. I feel the need to mention this because your concert ticket prices (ranging from $67.50 to $125) would indicate that you believe yourself to be the reunited Appetite for Destruction-era GNR. For that I would gladly give a vital organ, as well as 80 bucks or so. For half of Guns N' Roses plus the drummer from the Cult, some random dude and that putz from Stone Temple Pilots, I might fork over a fiver. Maybe. I know there are lots of hard-working people out there who will have no qualms over parting with some of their hard-earned money to have their asses rocked accordingly. And Velvet Revolver will accomplish said ass rocking sufficiently. But they are still just Velvet Revolver. They are not Appetite for Destruction-era Guns N' Roses. They're not even Stone Temple Pilots. And thank sweet Jeebus for that. Velvet Revolver rocks your ass and your wallet 7 p.m. Wednesday at House of Blues, 2200 N. Lamar St. Call 214-978-2583 or visit
Wed., Jan. 30, 7 p.m., 2008


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