10 Best Places in Dallas for a Good Walk

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We all walk for different reasons: One day it’s for exercise, the next for transportation. Sometimes we walk to relax, and other times we're looking for a chance for personal reflection and contemplation. Or maybe we simply need to get out of the house, move around and see something spectacular. Whatever your walking needs may be, Dallas has you covered. Here are 10 great places to go in Dallas if you feel the need to get moving:

The Ronald Kirk Bridge is as perfect as its view.EXPAND
The Ronald Kirk Bridge is as perfect as its view.
Thomas Lowery

Ronald Kirk Bridge

109 Continental Ave.

This pedestrian bridge is a marvel on its own, and it offers a stunning view of downtown Dallas. The bridge itself is wide enough to ensure that even on a busy weekend it doesn’t feel too crowded, and short enough (just under a half-mile) to be an easy walk for all ages. It also offers a variety of benches, chairs and even concrete chess tables. The bridge runs parallel to the majestic Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, but other than that, its immediate surrounding is sparse enough that you get an incredibly clear and expansive view of the beautiful Dallas skyline.

Klyde Warren is the ultimate leisure park.EXPAND
Klyde Warren is the ultimate leisure park.
Thomas Lowery

Klyde Warren Park

2012 Woodall Rodgers Freeway

Located directly above Woodall Rogers Freeway, Klyde Warren is the ultimate leisure park. It’s also beautifully designed, with gravel paths lined by white arches on the sides, cement walkways running through the center lawn and flower beds planted every which way. The park is fairly small at 5.2 acres, so you won’t spend too long traversing its paths. Go for a slow stroll and then stay for the food trucks and a relaxing game of croquet.

The Katy Trail has a contagious good vibe.EXPAND
The Katy Trail has a contagious good vibe.
Thomas Lowery

Katy Trail

5307 E. Mockingbird Lane

There’s nothing quite like Katy Trail on a weekend morning. The trail is teeming with runners, walkers and bikers. The vibe is lively, the energy contagious. If you’re looking for a solid workout, take the whole trail from American Airlines Center up toward Mockingbird Station (it runs 3.5 miles). If you’re looking to mix some fun into your walk, you can stop off at the Katy Trail Ice House. It sits right beside the trail between Fairmount Street and Routh and boasts 50 beers on tap, barbecue and more.

There's nothing but peace for your mind at Harry S. Moss Park.EXPAND
There's nothing but peace for your mind at Harry S. Moss Park.
Thomas Lowery

Harry S. Moss Park

7601 Greenville Ave.

If you’re not partial to the excitement of Katy Trail, you can trade it for the more tranquil Harry S. Moss Park. The entrance of the park offers wide, serene spaces that lead to swaths of trees and dirt trails. You’ll find plenty of walkers, bikers and even horse-back riders, but the park is large enough to accommodate everyone without ever feeling overly crowded.

If you're looking for a quiet stroll, Vickery Place is your place.EXPAND
If you're looking for a quiet stroll, Vickery Place is your place.
Thomas Lowery

Vickery Place

Willis Avenue/Glencoe Street

This lovely, unassuming neighborhood in East Dallas is easy to access and has some great walking options. We recommend you start on Willis Avenue and Glencoe Street and head west toward Henderson Avenue. It’s a quiet stroll with charming old houses and trees. You’ll then run into Henderson, where plenty of eating and drinking spots await in either direction. Or, you can head east and take in the ample shops and bars of Lower Greenville. Feeling energetic? Try both options.

Exercise your body and brain at the Arts District.EXPAND
Exercise your body and brain at the Arts District.
Thomas Lowery

Dallas Arts District

2001 Flora St.

Even if you’re not planning to attend one of its museums or performing arts centers, the Arts District in downtown is worth a visit simply to roam around its expansive, wide streets. The eclectic design of the buildings here is both alluring and calming; you need not be a student of architecture to appreciate their sleek, elegant beauty. You could start at the Nasher Sculpture Center on Flora Street and make your way down toward One Arts Plaza. Then loop back around on Ross past Tatlin’s Sentinel (the big yellow sculpture) and then mosey through the KPMG Plaza.

Walk till you drop at NorthPark.EXPAND
Walk till you drop at NorthPark.
Thomas Lowery

NorthPark Center

8687 N. Central Expressway

If the weather’s poor and you feel the need to stretch your legs, you might consider NorthPark Center. This multilevel architectural marvel runs in a loop, so you can wander, gaze, get lost and wind up back where you started. Along the way you’ll find beautiful artwork on display, dozens of high-end specialty shops and even a Tesla showroom. Most notable is the 48-foot-tall sculpture "Ad Astra," so large and impressive that there’s a long-running joke that the mall was created around the sculpture — how else did they fit it inside?

Get some coffee and walk around Bishop Arts.EXPAND
Get some coffee and walk around Bishop Arts.
Thomas Lowery

Bishop Arts District

819 W. Davis St.

Lots of walking options here. Consider starting at Davis St. Espresso for some rich coffee and avocado toast. From there, head east on Davis Street toward Bishop Avenue, where you’ll encounter numerous little shops, bars and restaurants (including Emporium Pies, which is worth the hype even with lines sometimes extending out the door). Then from Bishop, roll on down Eighth Street and stop in at The Wild Detectives, a delightful hybrid of neighborhood bookstore, coffee shop and bar.

Swiss Avenue is where you come to admire architecture, not the brilliance of your own thoughts.EXPAND
Swiss Avenue is where you come to admire architecture, not the brilliance of your own thoughts.
Thomas Lowery

Swiss Avenue

1099-953 N. Fitzhugh Ave.

Walking can be a great time for personal reflection, though if you choose Swiss Avenue for your stroll, the reflection may have to wait. There to distract and amaze are some of the oldest, largest and architecturally diverse homes in Dallas. The historic stretch of the neighborhood runs from La Vista Drive to North Fitzhugh Avenue. Median strips with plenty of trees divide the street, so you’ll want to walk down both sides to fully take in all the houses. While the architecture is best seen during daylight, if you can, also stop by during the holidays for some of the finest Christmas light displays in Dallas.

Find great beauty at White Rock Lake.EXPAND
Find great beauty at White Rock Lake.
Thomas Lowery

White Rock Lake

2899-2803 W. Lawther Drive

There’s no correct way to experience White Rock Lake. Enjoy a rigorous trek around the 9.5-mile trail, or a peaceful exploration of the diverse surrounding flora and fauna. Venture off into the beautiful nearby neighborhoods or check out the Dallas Arboretum. Have a picnic or pause on a fishing dock during sunset as gentle waves come crashing in. In other words, White Rock Lake offers myriad possibilities for enjoying its splendor. Just be sure to go with open eyes and ears, for great beauty awaits there.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.