Danny Balis' Solo Debut Almost Cracks Amazon's Top 100 Download Chart, Still Sits Comfortably In Top 200.

Got an excited call last night from one Danny Balis. Mostly, Balis--he of The King Bucks and formerly of Sorta--was flabbergasted by what he was looking at on his computer, and he pass along to share some good news on a day in which he needed some.

Checking in on how his phenomenal solo debut, Too Much Living, was doing on the day of and the days immediately following the disc's Tuesday release, he popped on over to Amazon.com, where, at the time, his disc was teetering on the edge of breaking into the Web site's Top 100 downloads list, just a few notches outside of the rankings.

The disc has slipped a little in sales since last night--it's currently ranked No. 190 on the site's mp3 download chart--but, still, that's quite the good news for, as Balis put it, "some unknown country singer like me."

Good news indeed for Balis, indeed--especially when you factor in the fact that today is the two-year anniversary of the day in which his best friend, and album inspiration, Carter Albecht, was shot and killed. Last year on this day, as you may or may not recall, Balis brought the house to tears as a silent Club Dada crowd watched him perform a then-rare solo set in honor of his fallen friend.

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