Norah Jones Remixes Have Started Leaking...

Norah Jones Remixes Have Started Leaking...

I'm not quite as undersold on Norah Jones' The Fall as, say, Wilonsky is. But, hey, to each their own, I guess. I can, however, say that the first two leaks from Miss Jones' forthcoming Chasing Pirates Remix EP aren't wowing me. Shame, too, as there's some big names involved in the project, which is set for a January 12 release.

Yesterday, over at RCRD LBL, Jones' song "That's What I Said" got the Beastie Boys treatment--or as the Beasties call it "The NYC Remix" treatment. It's pretty grimy--but also pretty spare. And pretty basic, if you ask me. Not that I'm expecting anythign too crazy here, but, c'mon, tell me the track's not a snoozer.

Meanwhile, the Santigold-helmed remix of Jones' first single off The Fall, "Chaing Pirates," which premiered this afternoon on Stereogum, doesn't fare much better. It starts off promising enough--kinda like a Santigold track actually--but never really progresses.

I dunno. Maybe I'm just not giving these enough of a chance? We'll see tomorrow when the third leak of this week drops over at Artist Direct. Like the previous two, this one has the chance to be somewhat promising, too--Beck's running this next go-'round.


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