Over The Weekend: XCW Wrestling, Dove Hunter, Lovie, Pinebox Serenade

We ended up at Club Dada twice this weekend for killer local shows and also watched some wrestler dudes damn near kill each other.

XCW Wrestling in Denton

Fighter Drunk Adam has light tube after light tube smashed over his back by Dave the Rave. (Melanie Gomez)

We experienced some serious culture shock at this extreme wrestling gig. We expected blood and bruises -- but when a fighter named Drunk Adam was rendered unconscious after having several fluorescent light tubes broken over his back, we weren't sure what to say. Look at photographer Melanie Gomez's 19 photos to see both the funny and the shocking.

Pinebox Serenade woos the crowd at Dan's Silverleaf Saturday night. (Melanie Gomez)
Dove Hunter at Club Dada

Dove Hunter managed to reinvigorate our reviewer Krissi Reeves' faith in local music at the band's Saturday night show. The Dallas band left her longing "for more. More Dove Hunter. More rock-comas."

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Lovie at Club Dada

Even gruff doorman Beard was enchanted by the firey sirens in Lovie Friday night. The crowd were in sync with the ladies' energy, and even reviewer Rich Lopez came around to the ballads he claims to dislike. Lovie has arrived, and it happened Friday night at Club Dada.

Pinebox Serenade at Dan's Silverleaf

Country, indie and rock collided at Dan's Silverleaf January 5 when Pinebox Serenade, Draknastula and the Cuddle Puddle and Isaac Hoskins took the stage. Even Pops Carter showed up for the show! See the photos. -- Chelsea Ide

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