Update: MTV2 Air Times For "Dallas Week"...

Update: MTV2 Air Times For "Dallas Week"...

Just heard from Play-N-Skillz's publicist, Gina Torres, who checks in to let us know when we can catch "Dallas Week" formally--and not on the Internet, but on actual television, woot woot.

Seems the clip, which features Play-N-Skillz "chaperoning" MTV throughout town, will air three times this week on MTV2 and like a bajillion various times throughout the week on MTVu, which, correct me if I'm wrong, can only be seen on college campuses that carry the channel.

(Anyone know if SMU, UTD or UNT gets it? Hell if I do...)

Anyway, for most of us, the best chance to see the clip is on MTV2, where it will air tonight (Tuesday) at 10:30 and again tomorrow morning (Wednesday) at 6:30 and 7:30.

According to Torres, the piece will "highlight Dallas music, culture and fashion". Which, I'm guessing, is to say this, this and this.

But let's hope not...

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