Starck Memories of When Dallas Was Cool

Starck Memories of When Dallas Was Cool

The USA Film Festival kicks off today at the Angelika Film Center, though I'll still have to refer you to our April 14 item if you're in need of a full schedule -- the official Web site's still not, well, working at the moment. And, as I noted two weeks back, the honorees are the fest's highlights: M. Emmett Walsh, Ray Liotta, Brian Cox, Juanita Moore and, sure, Paul Williams. But locals will take particular note of tomorrow night's screening of Joseph F. Alexandre's Warriors of the Discotheque: The Starck Club Documentary, making its bow as a 17-minute work-in-progress featuring the likes of Luis Barajas (Detour mag founder and, full disclosure, my boss during the summer of 1988), artist-in-residence Michael Moore and architecture prof Mina Chow spinning tales of drugs and sex amidst the starck Starck surroundings.

Jeff Liles covered much the same territory -- with several more folks contributing -- in his Echos and Reverberations column on the Starck last month. And this morning, I found this Web site loaded with photos and foggy memories of the dance club. But, after the jump, you'll find 5:40 of the 17 minutes screening at the film fest. Worth a peek, if only to jar loose some memories you might have left on the bathroom floor in '84.

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