5 Places In Dallas Where You Can Get Better At Art

Maybe you avoid the art scene because you think it’s boring, or perhaps you think that your own art skills and knowledge just aren’t up to snuff. Either way, you’re probably wrong. Still, everyone can stand to get a little better at art, even those that don’t find themselves particularly interested. Those classes you took in high school have probably been totally erased from your mind by all that booze, and you could probably use a little more creativity in your life.

Step out of your boring cubicle-bar-home routine and pick up an art class, and no, those getting drunk while completing a paint-by-number classes don’t count. Not only will it make you more interesting to your friends — everyone loves knowing a burgeoning sculptor or painter — you might also learn something that changes the way that you look at art. Pretend, if only for a few hours a week, that you’re seriously interested in getting better at art — you might be surprised at how good it makes you feel.

Oil And Cotton
This Bishop Arts studio is so beautiful that it’s damn near inspirational, and the perfect place to hone your sketching skills. Oil And Cotton offers a variety of adult art workshops, ranging from that aforementioned drawing class to copperplate printmaking, recycled paper jewelry, and even art history. Whatever your skill level or ability, there’s definitely a class here that can teach you a new, creative skill.
Creative Arts Center of Dallas
At the Creative Arts Center of Dallas, you can put together your own sort of free-form art curriculum. Seven-week classes in painting, drawing, sculpture and more are a real bargain at less than $300, and the instructors here are really good at what they do. If you don’t have the time or cash to invest in an intensive course, try one of the Center’s workshops. These one-day seminars will leave you with one interesting project, and plenty of curiosity.

The Craft Guild
The classes and workshops at The Craft Guild are offered in two month sessions, giving you plenty of time to try your hand at bookbinding, felting, leatherworking, or whatever it is that you’re into. These three-hour classes are offered once a week, and offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, so you can find the right class that fits your ability. Once you’ve mastered the beginning levels, you can move on through The Craft Guild’s more advanced courses and really get serious about your art.

Dallas Museum of Art
Aside from their open studio space and sketching spots, the Dallas Museum of Art does offer occasional adult art workshops in addition to their extensive slate of kids art programming. If you have kids, you should certainly wrangle them up to one of the DMA’s craft workshops, at which you’ll probably have just as much fun as the little ones. Otherwise, plan to attend the Museum’s October 29 workshop, which will host Richard Miller in an exploration of chromesthesia. You’ll only shell out $25, and all materials are included.

Studio Arts Dallas
At present, Studio Arts Dallas is only offering one adult art workshop as it ramps up its offerings for the teenagers, but it’s a solid, 13-week intensive for new agey types. In “Creating With Heart - The Artist’s Way,” bored professionals can clear out their “creative blocks” as they explore a variety of art forms and styles through their own creative lenses. The price may seem a little steep — $420 for the 13-week program — but when you consider that many hours of instruction and the fact that all supplies are included, it’s really pretty inexpensive. 

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