A Grand Old Flag

For a while there, we were concerned with the über-patriotism plaguing the nation. Don't get us wrong, country-lovin' is good, key, in fact, to a successful community, but that seemingly capitalistic trend of magnetic flaggy car ribbons and decals had us worried for a while (and we weren't the only ones, as we learned from David Cross' "patriot pack" flag sale inundation bit on Shut Up, You Fucking Baby). But the bandwagon has slowed, and now the dyed-in-the-wool flag-waving folk (we're looking proudly at you, Dad and Gramps) can pay homage to their country without being confused with those irritating people who just want to make sure no one thinks they're not paying homage to their country. Happenin' patriots can do a little pledging, saluting and waving officially in Grapevine during the city's annual Flag Day Celebration 11 a.m. Thursday. A local Boy Scout troop will post colors and Grapevinian Anita Robidou will serenade attendees with the "Star-Spangled Banner." (I bet, unlike Michael Bolton, she won't need to write the lyrics on her hand. Shame, shame 'Frolton.) Refreshments will follow in good old-fashioned American tradition. The city's Gazebo is located on Main Street in Historic Downtown Grapevine. Visit ci.grapevine.tx.us.
Thu., June 14, 11 a.m.
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Merritt Martin
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