Blow Me Away

Some people love to live life on the edge. Skydiving, mountain climbing, deep sea fishing--the more the activity is drenched in adrenaline, the better. Then there are others who like to live vicariously--or, a hell of a lot more safely--through others. Instead of actually touring the Sahara, they'd rather read about it in National Geographic. Those folks should check out The Stormchasers, a novel about the power of love, told through the eyes of an expert in the exhilarating field of stormchasing. For those who don't know, these extremists get cozy with extreme weather conditions whenever they can. Bestselling author Jenna Blum has experience in the field herself, and shares her knowledge of the violent science in her latest novel. Blum's first novel, Those Who Save Us, became a book club favorite, landing on the New York Times bestseller list five years after it was first published. For a chance to meet the talented novelist, stop by the book signing 2 p.m. Saturday at Barnes & Noble, 3881 S. Cooper St. in Arlington. Call 817-472-7559.
Sat., June 19, 2 p.m., 2010
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Nicole M. Holland

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