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6 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were on OnlyFans

Celebrities are all over OnlyFans with their own SFW sites and accounts.
Celebrities are all over OnlyFans with their own SFW sites and accounts. Charles Deluvio/Unsplash
The subscription-based website OnlyFans gets a lot of press for its more ... lurid side. It's the media equivalent of the poster that Homer Simpson made for Bart's bid to become class president reading "SEX! Now that I've got your attention, vote for Bart!"

OnlyFans may have a sordid reputation as a softcore porn subscription service that allows just about anyone to sell feet pics, but it's not just a virtual sex palace. There are people who use the platform to share their performance skills and raise money for charity. There's even a handful of famous people who have accounts so they can converse with their very confused and sexually frustrated fans.
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Comedian Whitney Cummings has her own comedy show on the OnlyFans platform.
1. Whitney Cummings
Comedy has become one of the platform's most popular alternative forms of content, and stand-up comedian Whitney Cummings is easily one of the most famous and successful comics on OnlyFans. Last year, she helped launched OnlyFans' online TV channel with her Unfiltered Original Roast Series, in which she spotlights fellow famous funny people, such as Bert Kreischer and Jon Lovitz, and shares dirty jokes and bits. Cummings also has hard-to-find content such as her early sets and sketches from before she became one of the top touring comedians in the country.
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DJ Khaled (pictured) and Fat Joe have an inspirational OnlyFans account.
Meghan Roberts/Wikimedia
2. DJ Khaled and Fat Joe
The powerhouse rap partnership of DJ Khaled and Fat Joe can harness the motivational powers of Vince Lombardi and Phil Jackson. So if you're needing a little pick-me-up during a difficult day of doing whatever it is you do, you can pay for a subscription to their OnlyFans page, where they deliver daily doses of booming inspiration to help fans go toward a place of peace they call "the light." It's probably not best to recommend it to any elderly or unhealthy relatives.

The pair's OnlyFans page also offers a peek behind the scenes at their latest recordings and goings-on, and they are quite good at delivering new content on a daily basis. So if you don't mind having Khaled's "All I Do Is Win" remix in your head during every waking minute, you might want to sign up for a subscription.
3. Markiplier 
The deep-voiced darling of the Let's Play Youtube community is one of the few genuine celebrities to have an OnlyFans account that's used to circulate beefcake photos. Markiplier, however, is clearly doing it for a laugh and a good cause.

The YouTube gamer, who has managed to avoid the body fat percentage of your average gamer, announced last year that he would turn his popular "Tasteful Nudes" calendar into an expansive set for OnlyFans and donate the proceeds to his hometown children's hospital in Cincinnati and the World Food Program. However, his fans had to meet certain conditions for it to happen, the first of which was to help his Distractable comedy podcast beat Joe Rogan's podcast in the ratings. And the fans delivered, as did Markiplier. It's a wonderful gesture, but Markiplier might have taken money away from a children's hospital had it not worked out. Though he had us at "beat Joe Rogan's podcast."

4. Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Celebrities on OnlyFans can do more than show off their bodies for money. They can also use it to show off their egos for money.

The heavyweight boxer racked up a huge legal bill with the lawyers who knocked down his domestic abuse charges to a measly 90-day jail sentence. One of the ways Floyd Mayweather Jr. is squaring off the bill in between the fights for which he gets paid is with an OnlyFans page. His subscribers can get a glimpse at his personal life and training regimen and even get boxing lessons with the pro puncher (presumably the kind that doesn't involve public safety personnel).

5. Nevrmind
Streaming platforms like Spotify have fundamentally transformed the way musical artists get paid for their work, so a lot of musicians have launched their own platforms and websites to release their music directly to fans. The Jersey-born dance music maven Nevrmind has done just that, but with OnlyFans — except he doesn't charge his fans. He releases his singles and videos on the subscription platform first, and anyone can access them with a free subscription — if they don't mind having to explain why "OnlyFans" appears in their browser history to their significant other. He also posts behind-the-scenes videos and updates on his daily life and punctuates his content with his newest tracks.
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Lady Morgan is on OnlyFans, though we're surprised that it's actually SFW.
Mike Coppola/Getty
6. Sonja Morgan
Admit it. You knew it was only a matter of time before we'd find a Real Housewives cast member on OnlyFans. It's as natural as learning that Donald Trump is inarticulate or Taylor Swift tickets cost way more than the average fan can afford.

Sonja Morgan, the socialite from Bravo's The Real Housewives of New York City, who spits out not-so-subtle zingers and false teeth that aren't cemented into place, has an OnlyFans page. She uses her account to share "exclusive behind the scenes look at my favorite beauty products that I bring on the road" during her comedy tour and other videos to interact with her fans. We're sure someone finds the whole tooth thing erotic enough to merit paying for a subscription. 
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