Christopher Bingham's "Alamo" at the Belmont Hotel

Sure, we're no Vegas, but Dallas is known for some iconic neon signs, perhaps more so for the ones that have gone dark, like the original Pegasus and the Alamo Plaza Hotel Courts signs. The Alamo closed in 2008, and last summer Unfair Park toured the vacant property days before a final shindig on the property (the Alamo has since been torn down to make way for Sylvan Thirty).

But until the Alamo's neon sign makes a reappearance at the future mixed-use development, revisit the icon in Christopher Bingham's "Alamo." The painting is one of many dedicated to famed Texas signage that is on display at the Belmont Hotel's bar in the next installment of Art with a View, an exhibition series and residency program for rising artists.

Bingham considers his work "nostalgic realism," and it's hard not to feel nostalgic for the relics of yesterday when looking at his paintings. As he said of his Texas Lights collection, "The days of runway light neon signs to attract your attention are long but forgotten with the now graphic driven monstrosities of today. Viewers receive a glimpse of the glory days, in this series that captures the essence of the seedy motels and smoke filled rooms, that once laid fame to these signs."

Relive the days of seedy motels and smoke-filled rooms when Art with a View featuring Christopher Bingham opens at BarBelmont. There is an artist's reception at 6 p.m. tomorrow night. Bingham's work is on display through October 19.

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