Dennis Hopper Returns to the Big Screen in an Old Documentary

In 1969, the late, always unpredictable and wacky actor Dennis Hopper established himself in the Hollywood system as “Billy” in his co-writing/directorial debut, Easy Rider. This rebellious film set the mood for Hopper and the roles and projects he would take on for the remainder of his popular career. Right after Easy Rider, he made his most personal film, The Last Movie, which he also co-wrote, directed and starred in.

By all reports it was a huge disaster, perhaps too ambitious for a man with little filmmaking experience and just one goal: to figure out where the hell he wanted his career to go in Hollywood. Ultimately the chaos benefited him because L.M. Kit Carson and Lawrence Schiller were around to document him assembling the film, and what they captured turned out to be better than Hopper’s film itself. The American Dreamer is a documentary about Hopper finding himself while making The Last Movie. An accidental coming-of-age story that involves (we’re sure) plenty of booze and drug consumption.

The American Dreamer is screening at the Texas Theatre at 5 p.m. this Sunday. Since the theater plays a lot of repertory cinema, you're probably asking yourself why it’s important to attend this particular screening. Well, it’s a rare opportunity to see Dennis fucking Hopper at his weirdest and wildest, a guaranteed trip.

Moreover, L.M. Kit’s son Hunter Carson — who warmed our hearts as the little boy in Paris, Texas, Wim Winders’ unforgettable 1984 take on regret and redemption — will be there to introduce The American Dreamer and will stick around to answer questions.

Carson's mom is the late Karen Black, who co-starred in Easy Rider with Hopper and grabbed a Best Actress in a Supporting Role nomination in Bob Rafelson’s Five Easy Pieces, which co-starred Jack Nicholson. Hopper is Carson's godfather and he's grown up around some of the coolest people who ever have and ever will work in Hollywood.

For tickets, head to Texas Theatre’s website.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.