Friday The 13th - A Digital Short Film

A week ago today, Oliver Peck and the gang at Elm St. Tattoo were all in the middle of this year's Friday the 13th tattoo marathon. Surely by now, Oliver and friends are fully recovered from their 24 hour non-stop inking crusade, and those on the sharp end of the needles are nearly all healed up. Of the purported hundreds of individuals who made the life-long commitment of being marked with the traditional anti-bad-luck-good-luck thirteen numeral (or any alternative iteration) on that infamous day, the author of this Mixmaster blog post was one of them.

Well before the fall of this year's event at Elm St., photographer Steven Visneau and I had been itching to collaborate on a digital short, something that would have a happy home on the Mixmaster. Upon discussing the forthcoming tattoo marathon here at HQ, the notion of doing a video short was introduced...as well as the notion of offering up some sort of virginal sacrifice to be part of the piece. My arm needed no twisting in order to offer my own flesh for the feat, only ravaged by an oscillating needle under Mr. Visneau's lens.

After the jump, check out the little short film featuring Mr. Peck, the Elm St. Tattoo family, and, of course, my arm. Shot and directed by Steven Visneau, and cut and co-conspired by yours truly. Trust me, it won't hurt at all.

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