Ho, Ho, Hoe

The key to a great party is a VIP guest—you know, the one whose name will dazzle the other invitees and ensure an event to remember. With no VIP to draw in the other A-listers, your party will slowly devolve into a sad game of drunken spin-the-bottle and a marathon viewing of all the Halloween movies. Even street urchins are confronted with the problem of the key guest as they attempt to organize a Christmas party in an alley in the CATS production of Frontier Santa. In December 1879 in Fort Worth, the "in" guest is, of course, Santa Claus. Because nothing says "Happy Holidays" like Dickensian, dirty-faced homeless children searching for St. Nick, see Frontier Santa Friday through Sunday at the Creative Arts Theatre and School, 1100 W. Randol Mill Road, Arlington. Tickets are $6. Call 817-861-CATS or visit creativearts.org.
Fri., Dec. 14; Sat., Dec. 15; Sun., Dec. 16, 2007
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Michelle Mathews
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