Danielle and Bobby are so happy. Congrats.
Danielle and Bobby are so happy. Congrats.
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Married At First Sight Recap: Tristan Is Uncomfortable

Wow, has it already been 29 days since our six favorite strangers turned three favorite couples got married? Time flies when you're watching a TV show about strangers getting married in Dallas.

If you haven't been watching but are still curious about this public social experiment and you're relying on a poor, underpaid newsperson to update you, congrats. Here we are.

Tristan and Mia update
Tristan and Mia are still working on building trust ever since Mia lied. The two of them went to lunch with Mia's dad and sister. Tristan wanted it to be a chill lunch. So within the first three minutes of sitting down, Mia tells her family that she and Tristan might move to Houston. Dad is shocked and sister is hella angry. She yells at Tristan. Tristan tries to handle it. When the waiter comes to take orders, Mia asks Tristan if he's uncomfortable. "What do you think," he responds. Mia then announces to the table that Tristan is uncomfortable and to stop being mad. This, if you can believe, also upsets Tristan.

They go back home and get into an argument about communication. Tristan thinks he has to baby Mia on how to have common sense in certain situations. Mia is confused the entire time.

Dave and Amber update
Oh, boy. Oh, Amber. Amber is wildly insecure about not being Dave's type. At some point Dave told someone that Jessica Biel was his celebrity crush. Amber took it to heart and is now questioning her entire existence. She's nothing like Biel and she never will be. Amber is blonde, and Biel is brunette. Amber is short, and Biel is tall. Dave is sorry, and Biel is probably not watching this show.

Bobby and Danielle update
They are so happy and so boring. They get along great. When Bobby says his fantasy is a girl in a hat and T-shirt, Danielle puts it on and wears it to bed. Bobby packs Danielle's lunch for her every day before work. It's like if Mike and Carol Brady were on the screen. Danielle and Bobby still have not had a fight. Congrats. Happy for you.

Do you feel better knowing all of this now?

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