Saves the Day

James Frey used to be such a badass, the kind who rolls with mobsters and crack addicts and celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio. Then everyone found out he made up key elements of his best-selling "memoir" A Million Little Pieces, and people started wondering how much of a badass Mr. Frey really was. Now we know.

Frey was supposed to be in Dallas this Friday to speak at Turtle Creek Manor about his harrowing journey from addiction to sobriety. The rehab center believed his story was worth hearing, even if Frey was a liar. Then Oprah ripped Frey for betraying her and millions of others, and the fallen fabulist cancelled his Dallas engagement. Turns out the man who once proclaimed himself the best writer of his generation is actually a wuss.

His last minute fill-in is radio talk show host Dr. Drew Pinsky, best known for the relationship and sex advice he gives five nights a week on the popular show Loveline. Dr. Drew will speak Friday at a luncheon benefiting Turtle Creek Manor at the Hyatt Regency, 300 Reunion Blvd. in downtown Dallas. For tickets, which range from $125 to $300, call 214-522-7930.
Fri., Feb. 3

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Jesse Hyde
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