The 8 Best Places To Buy Fall Flowers In Dallas

Believe it or not, summer is actually, finally going to grind to an end someday. Sure, we’ve got a few more weeks of oppressive heat to come, but that only means we’re finally making our way into the best time of the year in North Texas — fall. When you’re outside sipping your pumpkin spice lattes and wearing those cozy sweaters, though, you shouldn’t just be looking at a barren lawn devoid of color. Fall is an excellent time to garden in Dallas-Fort Worth, especially if you’re used to the first heat of summer killing off all your gorgeous blooms.

And, you know, planting flowers is really good for the environment, and that’s something you should probably care about. When you’re seeking something to beautify your home or garden this fall, check out these eight locally owned and operated plant stands. In all likelihood, their offerings are much healthier than the mass-market blooms you’ll find at Home Depot, and you can pat yourself on the back for buying locally.

Brumley Gardens
If you’re really committed to buying locally-grown plants, Brumley Gardens is the place to go. These horticultural geniuses have been raising some of the hardiest, most sustainable plants in Dallas for the past 20 years. Brumley Gardens boasts an impressive array of succulents, and the experts here can help even you (yes, you, plant murderer) keep your potted plants and container garden alive for as long as possible.

When you’re swinging through the Farmer’s Market, don’t forget to make a stop at Ruibal’s. This frequently crowded stop for flowers, plants, and other outdoor goodies is a favorite among Dallas’ most devoted gardeners, and they have plenty of greenery (and color!)perfect for newbies. This fall, Ruibal’s will offer an impressive array of ornamental pumpkins, squash and other organic decor for those of you who just don’t trust in your ability to keep plants alive any longer than the drive home.

Old-school gardeners and hipster DIYers alike can appreciate this gardening haven on Greenville Avenue. If you’re looking for a particularly obscure plant or can’t seem to keep your orchid alive, the knowledgeable staff here have enough green thumb to go around. Look around for bright, fall blooms that will add cheer when that seasonal affective disorder kicks in come late fall.

This downtown florist is easily one of the city’s more progressive (if swanky) flower shops, but they also have an impressive array of plants that will make your home look like something Martha Stewart put together. Dirt’s most idiot-friendly options are their succulents and air plants, which require little maintenance other than a few mists of water and being left the hell alone. You’ll splurge here for indoor beauty, but the quality is top-notch, and assuming that you’re not hell-bent on killing these easy-going plants, they’ll last forever in a well-lit room.

You’ve probably heard about this East Dallas garden store on NPR ads for years, and it’s finally time to swing in. This organically minded, modern nursery has been open for well over 20 years and has developed a cult following. If your lawn really needs serious help, Redenta’s offers landscaping services that have sustainability and minimal maintenance in mind.

Shades of Green
Shades of Green is really unlike any other nursery you’ve ever been to. This Frisco business is focused almost entirely on native plants, wildflowers and other species particularly well-adapted to living in the local climate. The 7-acre nursery is nestled alongside a creek and dotted with gorgeous specimens of plants of all kinds. Pick out your favorites, and they’ll even install them for you if you’re not up to the challenge.

Dr. Delphinium
Rated dozens of times as Dallas’ best florist, Dr. Delphinium is also a great place to find a sophisticated plant or arrangement of plants for your home. We all know that plants in the home are a good thing, but that’s especially true when they’re as strikingly gorgeous as these arrangements. Air plants, blooms, and even expertly crafted living terrariums are on offer here, making it a place to find something much different from that damn ivy plant that keeps dying on your desk.

Nicholson-Hardie Garden & Nursery
Founded in 1899, the folks at Nicholson-Hardie really know their plants. The current owners have been at work since 1974 and have developed a devoted following among serious gardeners. Even if you’re much more of a newbie, you could benefit from this kind of expertise. Whatever you’re looking for, the selection here might be a little overwhelming — ask an employee for a few plant recommendations to get you started, and heed that advice. 

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