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While more than 200,000 people have volunteered with the Peace Corps over the past five decades, two local groups are showcasing the experiences of 35 North Texas volunteers. The Latino Cultural Center and the North Texas Peace Corps Association celebrates 50 years worth of effort from local volunteers working to make the world a better place. In honor of the Peace Corps' 50th anniversary, the two groups present an exhibit that documents those volunteers' experiences spanning 23 countries. 50 Years of Peace Corps: A Photographic Exhibition is on view until April 29 at the Latino Cultural Center at 2600 Live Oak St. Concurrent with the display, the cultural center will screen Niger '66, a documentary created by a University of Southern California cinematographer about young volunteers who worked in Niger after it gained independence from France. Since President John Kennedy's call for volunteers in 1961, more than 139 countries have received life-changing support and assistance in building better lives and better communities. By working side-by-side with the people they serve, Peace Corps volunteers help target core issues such as education, health and HIV/AIDS, business and community development and environmental protection across the world. For more information about the photo exhibit, visit
Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: March 10. Continues through April 29, 2011
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