Underage Rockin'

It's pretty rare for an artist to make children's music that doesn't make adults reach for their imaginary revolvers, but that's exactly what Dan Zanes has been doing for more than half a decade. After fronting the Boston roots-rock band the Del Fuegos in the 1980s, Zanes settled down in New York City, eventually finding new inspiration in the desire to make music that appealed to kids and adults alike. If Raffi is the Dylan of the genre, Zanes is the Band, mixing rock and roll with folk, country and R&B to create children's music that's not only eminently listenable but also refreshingly intelligent. While most musicians wouldn't touch children's music with a 10-foot pole, Zanes' albums have featured cameos from an all-star cast of musical greats, including Rosanne Cash, Aimee Mann and even Lou Reed. This Saturday, Dan Zanes and friends visit the Nokia Theatre at Grand Prairie, 1001 NextStage Drive, to headline Jamarama Live!, a kids' concert sponsored by Noggin. Fellow rockers-turned-kiddie musicians Milkshake open. Tickets are $25 to $30, and parking is $10. Call 972-373-8000 or visit ticketmaster.com.
Sat., April 8
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Noah W. Bailey
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