Where to Shop for Your Overly Spoiled Pets In Dallas

If you don’t have a pet, you probably don’t understand the obsessive amount of time, money and energy that goes into taking care of a ridiculously spoiled dog or cat. Pets are like family members, which means that they need the same organic food, fancy toys and pampering experiences that their owners require, cost be damned.

In most cases, pets are as spoiled as children, which means looking beyond the mass-market crap sold at chain pet stores for fancier goods. After all, little Spike or Fido only deserves the best. Should you find yourself in need of raw, organic cat food, “doggie couture” or a pet facial, these nine spots will surely fit the bill.

Odyssey Pets
14999 Preston Road, No. 400a
This is basically the Whole Foods of pet stores, thanks to its focus on holistic foods and treats that probably taste better than the fast food that you’re consuming on the regular. You can also find a specialized bowl for your “whisker fatigue” (whatever the hell that is) afflicted cat, or finally get your badly behaved mutt a little home training all under one roof.
The Upper Paw
 2809 Commerce St.
Sometimes, your dog is just as deserving of a treat as you are, which means that you should head to The Upper Paw for a freshly baked dog cookie post-haste. This spot also prides itself on offering the most stylish dog outerwear, in case your pet is in need of a fresh new look.

Jack & Jill Pet Market
4022 Oak Lawn Ave.
This Oak Lawn pet shop is almost indiscernible from any toy store for human children, and the goods are equally pricey. Healthy food, “k9 couture” and other wares are on offer, and you should probably go ahead and take out that extra credit card because you’re going to find plenty of adorable stuff that little Spot simply can’t live without.

Lucca Bella Doggie Spa & Boutique
2512 Oak Lawn Ave.
If this place were for humans, it would probably be too fancy for you. Here, you can treat your garbage-loving dog to blueberry-vanilla facials, mud baths or some trendy pink highlights. The attached boutique offers pet couture and the spa products used in the salon, just in case your pet gets a little high-maintenance and starts demanding blueberry facials at home.

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Amy McCarthy

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