Who's Driving? The Dog's Driving.

There is a photo for Cirque Banquiste that has had the Observer staff intrigued for almost two months. Imagine a pink toy luxury car, sized for a toddler. In front and on top of it is a conga line of poodles, standing on hind legs with front paws resting on each other’s shoulders. They’re dyed hues of powder blue and bright pink, alternatively. The canine talent is being presented by an enthusiastic collection of color-coordinated clowns, who are just as excited that this is happening as we are. Will the dogs eventually drive the pink car? Will they reapply their makeup in its rear view mirror? Will there be poodle acrobatics? We don’t know, but we must find out. This snippet is only one scene in a massive holiday variety show being put on by Lone Star Circus, our favorite local school for the clowning arts. At the Rosewood Center for Family Arts (5938 Skillman St.) you’ll find aerial artists who are so good that they make upper body strength seem like a natural thing to have, gymnasts who slide seductively in and out of positions you’ll never bend into and a whole gaggle of other circus talents. The show has a short run, starting on Thursday, December 27 and closing on Tuesday, January 1. Arrive early for the lobby pre-show, which kicks off 45 minutes before each performance. There’s a 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. curtain on Saturday, with tickets ranging $20 to $25 for children and $38 to $46 for adults. Visit Lonstarcircus.com.
Dec. 29-31, 2012
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Jamie Laughlin
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