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Ddong Ggo

2625 Old Denton Rd.
Carrollton, TX 75007
Critics' Pick
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Ddong Ggo +

Kathy Tran


  • 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily.
  • Dinner, Late Night
  • Full bar
The Top 100 Dallas Restaurants, No. 14: Is any restaurant in Texas more fun than Ddong Ggo? Let’s put it another way: Can you imagine a better night out than a Korean bar with blaring pop music, an angry cartoon chicken mascot, “Nacho Cheetos french fries,” spectacular chicken wings, a whole list of different dishes that involve hot skillets full of gooey melting cheese and a happy hour special of six pints of Deep Ellum beer for $18? Ddong Ggo, with its Hennessy bottles and kimchi cheese pizza pancakes, is a Korea Town miracle in Carrollton, and what makes it so special is that all of the food, from the everything-goes-in Korean army stew to the ultra-juicy fried chicken, is legitimately outstanding. Just don’t expect any healthy choices.

Top pick: Ordering “Cheese Island,” a skillet full of molten cheese topped with a literal island of fried chicken, should be a mandatory rite of passage for every newcomer to the Dallas area.

The downside: Things can get loud, but that’s as it should be in a bar whose name translates roughly to “Butthole.” And while we’re happy that someone invented a “cocktail” that’s a pint glass of watered-down booze with a popsicle dunked in, we don’t actually like drinking it.

Fun fact: Seriously, though, the kimchi cheese pizza pancake is magic.

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