Del Sur Tacos | Oak Cliff/South Dallas | Mexican | Restaurant

Del Sur Tacos

Go ahead, try and tell yourself you can resist this burrito.
Alison McLean
Oak Cliff’s newest taco sensation is the second location of a business that first opened in McKinney. But Del Sur Tacos has upped its game to compete with Jefferson Boulevard’s crowd of rival taquerias, with inspired specialty tacos featuring fillings like a chile relleno, excellent carnitas, cochinita pibil and birria. Grab some mulitas, too, and enjoy a dish of meat, beans and stacked tortillas that is tragically rare in the Dallas area.

Top pick: We’re in love with El Santo, a taco with a nearly even mixture of grilled pork and julienned radishes doused in fiery guajillo pepper salsa. Grab your tacos as a platter to get the excellent side cup of beans.